Kid's Crit 2018

September, 3rd, 2018

The annual Kids’ Crit is a Big event for children – one that they will remember for years and which may steer them toward healthy lifestyles and outdoor fun both on and off the bike as they grow. This is event is free every year to encourage all families to get involved. In the words of Criterium Director, Tom Moody, “The Kids’ Crit is the most exciting and most fun event of the day!”

RTF Board members Tom Broido and John Williams began their day at 6 a.m. in downtown Burlington. Tom and John were on the Criterium Set Up Team which involves installing the metal fencing, snow fencing, roping, and other safety equipment along the criterium course.

Meanwhile, Board member Matt Lyon along with Ski Rack’s Chris Morrissey (“CiMo”) were busy setting up the RTF tent, bike repair shop, bike stands, lemonade stand, etc. Board members Aimee Motta, Gina Adduci, Kathy Coughlin, and Michelle Cournoyer, along with many volunteers supported a variety of activities, including registrations of kids for their race (uh hum, aka “non-competitive” ride).

We could sense the level of excitement of children and parents as they flowed in to register just prior to the start time. With on-line preregistrations at about 25, the day-of registrations doubled registrations to 52! Interestingly, somehow a four-year-old got into the field! We had two groups of racers:

  • 7 to 8-year-old children riding 2 laps (city blocks) plus a warm down lap
  • 9-11-year-old children riding 4 laps (city blocks) plus a warm down lap

At precisely 12:30, Criterium Announcer Alan Cote called the first group to the start. We had Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo, former Tour de France riders Andy Bishop and Ted King as well as a local team of riders, 1K2Go, as lead riders. After direct instructions as to how to ride safely in a pack, they were off! While we advertise the event as “non-competitive”, tell that to the kids! Their little legs were churning as fast as possible throughout the laps!

Following the Kids’ Crit each child was awarded a medal from the Burlington Police Chief, and families were treated to great raffle prizes donated from local shops (Earl’s Cyclery and Fitness, Ski Rack, BelGen Cycles, Dakin Farms, Untapped, a GMSR Vermont Teddy Bear and more). A silent auction for a stunning Fuji Roubaix 3.0 donated by Vermont Bicycling and Walking Vacations (VBT), perfect for a developing pre-teen cyclist was awarded to Ed McGuire as a gift to his grandson who had participated in the 9-11 age category.

Special thanks to:

  • Gary Kessler - Green Mountain Stage Race Director
  • Tom Moody - Criterium Director
  • Alan Cote - Announcer
  • Chief Brandon del Pozo - Ride leader
  • Andy Bishop - Ride leader
  • Ted King - Ride leader
  • 1K2Go - Local Team
  • And to all of our volunteers!

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The Richard Tom Foundation Board of Directors

Save the Date! Richard’s Ride 2019, Saturday, May 18, 2019. Hope to see you there!