Our Mission

The mission of the Richard Tom Foundation is to honor the many ways that Richard Tom lived his life with passion and to share his love of cycling, health and adventure.

The Richard Tom Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of cyclists of all ages. We strive to ensure that resources are readily available for everyone to discover the adventure and joy of cycling.

RTF also supports educational and advocacy programs to advance the cause of safe roads for all who use them.

About The Richard Tom Foundation (RTF)

The Richard Tom Foundation raises funds to support our mission, cycling events and programs, and partnerships with other organizations that have shared values to carry on Richard Tom’s legacy. RTF encourages cyclists of all ages to experience the adventure, camaraderie, and sense of well-being that come with exploring Vermont roads and trails. RTF is also dedicated to creating resources and activities so that non-cyclists can discover the fun and health benefits of cycling.

The Richard Tom Foundation will continue to share not only Richard’s story but also his passion for the sport of cycling with the same enthusiasm he lived his life with.

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Richard Tom Foundation Goals and Objectives

  • Organize annual rides with proceeds going towards bike safety initiatives. The rides will bring together mountain and road bikes to inspire all to ride safely and have fun.
  • Support and partner with existing organizations such as Local Motion, Little Bellas and GMBC to advocate for bike safety
  • Make biking available to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to own a bike.
  • Support driver’s education programs with an emphasis on instilling the awareness of the enormous responsibility that each new driver assumes when getting behind the wheel of a car and the consequences that a simple decision may have on their and others’ lives.
  • Donate bicycles and bicycle accessories to youth. The goal of this program will be to encourage young people to discover the many benefits of cycling: joy, adventure, good health and well-being.

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