JACKALOPE NE LOGO CIRCLE 1The Richard Tom Foundation is excited to announce our collaboration with the Jackalope Northeast Cycling Program for 2021! Our partnership does not involve financial support; rather our collaboration is grounded in our shared missions: to be advocates for, and creators of safer cycling infrastructure and policies, as well providers of welcoming events and opportunities for any and ALL cyclists. 

Jackalope Northeast in Collaboration with The Richard Tom Foundation Cycling Program is a cycling team founded on the following elevated priorities:

Personal Performance: The team believes that being the best YOU is the best goal. It supports its members through cycling, to achieve individual cyclists’ dreams and ambitions. To that end, training and results of the team’s elite category riders may vary greatly from those of the youth or beginner cyclists, yet each individual’s dreams and personal achievements hold equal value in the eyes of the program.

Inclusion: All are welcome. It is a team of inclusion, acceptance, and community, including (but not limited to) BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and cyclists of all ages and levels, including youths. The team celebrates inclusion, acceptance, and community both on and off the bike.

LGBTQ Progress Flag1

Our joint plan is for RTF and Jackelope Sports Northeast to support each other’s activities and events via participation and volunteering. In fact, volunteering for cycling-related safety, infrastructure and advocacy projects and events is a required component of team membership.  Our organizations will work together to articulate and create a stronger voice for our common advocacy missions.