Richard's Ride 2016

May 21st, 2016

Kindred spirits united by bikes and the cause of remembering. Old pals and new friends gathered together for adventures on two wheels with gears grinding and smiles shining.   Richard’s Ride. The day of Richard’s Ride began with a warm melody. Just as the sun was breaking through and the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, with simple Hawaiian ukulele strings, came on the radio and spoke of Richard at the start of the day. Richard's Ride brought together a group of cycling loving folks.

The day was full of smiles and stories about Richard Tom; man of generosity, who knew the history of cycling, understood mechanics of cycling, passed along the joy of bikes. At tables, where people were gathered after the ride, flickers of Richard bounced around in happy souls who shared in pedaling through this Green Mountain State. Richard was in the children at the start of their exciting ride. Their faces reflected the enthusiasm Richard exuded whenever he was on his bike; his ‘play-like-a-kid’ energy bounded around the day. All those happy faces rolled ahead into the day’s adventure. Some rides on May 21st were more solo in nature, for those who could not attend in person; Richard Tom was there as a bike. As can happen when riding alone away from home, thoughts wandered from thinking of the event, to focusing on power and effort, to reflecting upon Richard. The clicking bike parts called up memories of Richard easily. Richard picked out the frame and components for this build. The bike, and in essence Richard, were the only companions on a melancholy ride a long way from home; alone. Richard said this bike would create great adventures. Meanwhile, 1200 miles south of Richard’s Ride in this corner of Vermont, on May 21st, Richard’s childhood friend, Mary, held up a sign with the Richard Tom Foundation logo to motivate a competitor, who raced in Alabama with the spirit of ‘RT Quadzilla’ in her heart. The essence of the fine human being Richard was spread over May the Twenty-First like rays of sunshine, on the wings of dragonflies, and warmed the hearts of all present . . . and far. TODAY is a great day to be on a BIKE.

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